A fun musical adventure of Tara and her three secret companions, Andro (Technology), Wadeva (Boredom) & Imagenie (Imagination).

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Tara is nine years old and lives with her parents. Little does she know that there are 3 other companions Andro (Technology), Wadeva (Boredom) and Imagenie (Imagination) who also live with her. These three love Tara very much and are constantly competing with each other to get her attention. Her Dad loves his gadgets and her Mom tries to keep everyone’s imagination alive.

It’s summer break and they are off to visit Nani. Their car breaks down near a forest. A con man ‘Baba Black Sheep Singh’ appears and offers to help. He hypnotizes the parents and starts to loot the car. At first Tara is scared but as things get more complicated, she realizes that she will have to do something. Turns out the 3 secret companions are more than happy to jump in. They help Tara to come up with an explosive plan to scare the baba and bring him to his knees.

With everything in moderation, We can be a happy nation, Technology, Imagination, and even Boredom.

The play explores the basic idea and importance of technology, boredom & imagination in daily life of a child. In big cities, there is a lack of space for children to be physically activity, most schools don’t even have a playground and parents are busy with their lives leaving them with no time for kids. This has led to children also being stuck in their rooms glued to plastic screens. Whatever happened to reading books, playing those make-believe games or finding inventive ways to pass the time? Apart from reaffirming the need to be imaginative, the play also tries to change our perception towards Boredom which is mostly seen as negative.

Our message at the end is…

Everything is fine in equal measure,
Finding a balance is finding treasure,
Nothing is good or bad it’s all your perception,
But watch out beware don’t be fooled by deception

Kalyani Hiwale, The Director

tara NIIYA KUMAR / ZOYA KHAN     andro KEITH SEQUEIRA     boredom MANAVI KEER     imagenie PRAGATI MISHRA      mother RASHMI KHANNA      father SAHIL GANGURDE      baba black sheep singh KAUSTAV SINHA

director KALYANI HIWALE     script, lyrics & music ASIF ALI BEG      story KALYANI HIWALE & MANEESH VERMA     assistant director VISHAL     costumes SONAL KHARADE     music producer KAIZAD GHERDA     light design VISHAL creative producer MANEESH VERMA     props KAPIL DEV     production team SONAL GUPTA & SABINA SALDHANA