A multi-potentialite company exploring stories & narratives which can inspire others to evolve for a better tomorrow.


Art has the potential to uplift a human spirit & can work as a catalyst towards a positive change. We do a business of impacting and transforming human lives and we want to do it as successfully as possible. We don’t want to conform to the set notions of the field and always try to stay relevant to the times. We constantly challenge ourselves & our understanding through exploring new dimensions of the field.

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We believe in collaborations & experiential learning. It is at the heart of all our products & initiatives. Every individual human experience is a limiting one so collaborating with others has become essential. Collaborations challenge one’s current understandings and help to see things from new perspectives.

Collaborations are the key to stay relevant in today’s ever-changing times. So, as a company, we are always open to collaborations with other individuals and organisations who can add more value to the art community.

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Maneesh Verma

Actor, Director & Producer

National School of Drama, New Delhi Graduate, 2002. 

Apart from being an actor for last 22 years with an experience of more than 50 major plays. Worked with eminent directors from India and abroad like Stayed Dubey, Naseeruddin Shah, Mohan Aghast, Lillete Dubey, Ratan Thiyam, Anuradha Kapoor, Ram Gopal Bajaj, Stephan Shuck (Germany), Rob Clair (England) and Peter James (England).

His main focus is creative producing in the field of arts. Till now successfully produced more then 10 theatre performances. Working with The Drama School Mumbai as School Producer, helping put together their annual student production. 

Maneesh is also working with CSW ASSOCIATES, USA as Independent Consultant Performer. He is an expert in addressing diversity, workplace harassment & cross-cultural awareness using theatre techniques. 

Kalyani Hiwale

Theatre Director & Facilitator

National School of Drama, New Delhi Graduate, 2000.
IB Certification in Theatre Arts, ISTA, UK.

Apart from being a theatre director, Kalyani has extensive experience in theatre in education for the past 17 years. Her expertise lies in theatre curriculum design & training teachers to use drama in the classroom. Kalyani has come to understand that working with children is a purely magical and transforming process. 

Currently, she is working with the National Theatre for Performing Arts (NCPA) in collaboration National Theatre, UK, in the capacity of project manager for a youth theatre festival, NT Connections, Mumbai. 

She believes that theatre has a very important role to play in terms of educating people and making them think differently, which is why she loves to invest her energy in working with young minds.


Striving for a better future

Impermanence is the essence of life so collectively we keep striving to become a better version of ourselves and ultimately translating it into our products too.

Tapping into the limitless human potential

We believe that every human being has limitless potential to achieve what they want to achieve. We want to tap into that inherent unlimited human potential and help others realise this truth.

Delivering more than we promise:

We want to create as much value as possible in all our endeavours. We want to be generous in our approach toward our customers and leave a long-lasting impact in their lives. 


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