Night Song Poster

Night Song

A contemporary psychological thriller. A woman accidentally meets her tormentor after eleven years.
Talli Tuesday

Talli Tuesday

A highly entertaining compilation of blind dates under the influence of alcohol.
Dhara Ki Kahani

Dhara Ki Kahani

What will happen if one day our household items like Tap, Bulb, Fan & Dustbin decide to revolt against their misuse.
A Kind Of True Story Poster

A Kind Of True Story

A contemporary musical tracing one year of the lives of eight people who have been captivated by Mumbai.
Aao Saathi Sapna Dekhen

Aao Saathi Sapna Dekhen

A musical set in Chandni Chowk area of Old Delhi. It is a love story of a boy, & girl, the events of which are planned by their fathers.
My Sister My Friend

My Sister, My Friend

A two actors collaborative project exploring the lives of a transsexual from Philippines & a eunuch from India.
Night of January 16th Thumbnail

Night of January 16th

Set in a courtroom during a murder trial. The play deals with the conflict between individualism and conformity.