For every person, there is a dream that leads them to a new destination… thousands throng to Mumbai every single day following their dreams… upon reaching here each is drawn into it’s reeking unbreakable embrace. From that moment, this city becomes your battleground; you become a gladiator riding your high horse of freedom, chasing that rainbow of dreams.

The story will trace one year of the lives of eight people who have been captivated by this Maya Nagari. The production is going to be a contemporary musical, which will play with our perception of the reality, sometimes breaking it and sometimes baring it till you squirm in your seat. The production will be celebrating the inner and outer chaos of the characters and the chaos of Mumbai itself. Music will be a mix of Western and Indian and will be played recorded with minus one track. Actors are going to sing live on stage. The characters will speak as most of us speak in Mumbai. A cocktail of English, Hindi and Marathi.

Director’s Note

In reality, for every one individual that makes to the list of ‘success stories’ there are thousands who will never be part of that list. In fact not being successful is a much bigger reality.

In todays time, everyone notices success, we know how to celebrate success but how about if one couldn’t become a success or unendingly struggling to be successful. Does that mean, it’s an end. We see so many examples around us where stories did not reach to their deserving ends. Does that mean those stories are not worth telling. Do those unsuccessful lives mean anything to anyone?

Now just put this whole theory in context of a big city like Mumbai and the idea becomes much more interesting.

The idea is to question our conventional thinking. The idea is to find peace amongst your own insecurities and fears. Celebrating our failures, accepting our selves as what we are and move on. Moving on towards living life unconditionally and come out as more evolved with fresh determinations to be happy. This play will be a celebration of not being a success.


“The feel of this play is very very positve as it covers the nuances and layers of emotions that dwell within each one of us and sometimes come to the fore as part of our instinctive basic functioning. All in all a brilliant show…”
– Hansa Mansinghani

“Did I love it or what! Absolutely loved the story and connected with it, the play did full justice to the mystery called ‘Mumbai’, each and every actor was so so good, that I forgot they were actors, the music was Brilliant and the actors, acted and sang effortlessly…”
– Saimaa Venky

“It was a wonderful show. The energy level of all actors was superb and the music was splendid. I feel proud to be a part of your campaign.”
– Abhishek Panchal

“Incredible (intense) performances by the artistes all around. Neat script (exhibiting quintessential mumbaikar trait), beautiful acoustic guitar-oriented music. I sincerely hope, your play goes places Prithvi Theatre was the perfect setting for an intimate play like yours… Congratulations for the fantastic start.”
– Ajay Sawant

The play proves that slapstick is a highly skilled “A refreshing play with solid acting and a creative approach to tell the story – enjoyable even for a firang with only basic Hindi. Thanks for a lovely evening and keep up the good work. It’s difficult to find appealing plays for me in Mumbai.
– Swen Brandelik

“It was an amazing show enjoyed it. So much of energy, good acting and a very good story. This true story really rocks.”
– Patralekha Mukherjee

“Kudos to all you guys for giving us a beautiful story to remember with brilliant acting and melodious voices with amazing lyrics… all the best and keep it coming… Believe me this is just the beginning. You and your team will surely go a long way !!!!!”
– Pooja Sahni

Cast & Crew

Rahul Bagga, Ankur Ratan, B Gauri, Asif ali Beg, Bhushan Vikas, Serena Walia, Avnish Mehra, Shruti Sridharan, Dilnaz Irani, Vishwas Kini

Direction Kalayni Hiwale

Script B Gauri, Music Vinayak Netke, Choreographer Jessica Nicholas, Executive Producer Maneesh Verma